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At the end of 2016 my son took me on a mother and son date. Jordan had been wanting to take me out to his workplace on the Great Barrier Reef for some time. We both share a love of salt water and underwater life. Whilst out on the reef we noticed that schools of Sergeant Major would repeatedly swim through and around us. It was symbolic. Later, Jordan shared with me that he was going to be a Dad. It was a very special day. I dedicated the Fishy Tales artwork and print to Jordan inspired by our day on the reef and the Sergeant Major schools that swam with us.

The artworks pictured were created to accompany a collaborative fashion exhibition called 'Fusing Sands' at the Tanks Art Centre, Cairns. With a limited budget, I sourced character doors from all over Cairns to use as my canvas. I wanted to show that everyday objects could be pieces of art.

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