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Koskir Mekik Atami, 2022


TITLE: Koskir Mekik Atami



ARTWORK DIMENSION: 210cm (H) x 150cm (W) x 200cm (D)

MATERIALS: Reclaimed fish netting, ghost netting and offset aluminium sheet, tube and rods.


IMG_1152 3.jpg

Accompanying story: 

The women in my family have been experts in sourcing and harvesting seafoods to sustain their families. This particular sculpture has been inspired by my sister-in-law who was casting a net from off the Kerriri wharf early one morning as my daughter and I fished with her. 

The Islan dress is a garment worn for its comfort allowing for ease of movement. Ceremonially, fabric is especially chosen or created to be worn by members belonging to a family. The dress is also worn for everyday wear including fishing. 

The sculpture captures the stylised movement of an Islander woman wearing an Islan dress whilst casting a fishing net. The repetition created in the flow of the dress hem and the fish net creates a ‘snapshot’ of the graceful beauty in the ordinary act. The 'fabric' pattern on the dress of the sculpture is made up of woven narratives about the women in my family sourcing seafoods.

The materials used in the sculpture include recycled materials such as steel mesh, wire, washed up beach debris, reclaimed fish netting and off cuts of aluminium. The supporting structure is a 60mm, 3mm diameter aluminium pole with welded 10mm aluminium rods forming the base frame of the sculptural form. Fish netting covers the frame incorporating Koskir Mekik Atami narratives brought to life using weaves and natural materials. 

Exhibition: Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, Big Sculpture Showcase 2022

Gallery: Cairns Convention Centre, Cairns, Qld.

Curator: CIAF Assistant Curator Teho Ropeyarn 

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